Patient Feedback

We welcome your suggestions and opinions. You are invited to place your comment in the “Suggestion Box” located in Reception Area. If you are unhappy with any aspect of the service that you receive from this practice, we are keen to know about it.  Please feel free to talk about it to your Doctor or a Receptionist.

Travel Advice:

CQ Medicentre is a member of The Travel Medicine Alliance.  We offer comprehensive travel advice on many destinations throughout the world. Vaccinations and travel medicine packs are available at very competitive

Repeat Prescriptions:

It is not our usual practice policy to issue Prescriptions without a patient being present for a consultation. If your doctor agreed to provide scripts without your presence please lodge your request to the front office staff, with the name, strength of the medication, the quantity and time of the day the medication is taken. Any patients requiring Authority scripts will need to make an appointment to see their usual Doctor.

Online Security and technology

Practice procedure

The Health Insurance Commission (HIC) has developed a security system for health care electronic transactions using Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology. Using digital certificates, transactions can be digitally signed and encrypted and sent to the HIC and other health professionals and locations that also have PKI. This technology is intended for use across the entire Australian health sector.

There are two types of digital certificate used in the HIC’s PKI:

  • location certificates which relate to a building, location or the practice
  • individual certificates for persons who will be corresponding electronically with the HIC and other health care professionals and locations.

This practice provides a Location certificate for the practice only.

Email Policy:

Practice policy

This practice provides Internet e-mail accounts for all doctors and senior staff members.

Secure Communications

Practice Procedure

To ensure that all doctors and staff members using the Internet and sending e-mail messages are responsible and productive users, and to protect the practice’s interests, this practice requires compliance with the following acceptable use policy.


Internet and e-mail users are responsible for ensuring that the provided facilities are used in an effective, ethical and lawful manner.

Internet and e-mail users must not use the Internet and e-mail for purposes that are illegal, unethical, harmful to the practice or the medical profession or non-productive.  Acceptable use includes obtaining information from medical and business web sites, using e-mail for practice business, and accessing on-line databases.

Unacceptable use includes forwarding chain e-mails and viruses: transmitting copyrighted materials without permission; visiting websites with obscene or objectionable content; transmitting any offensive, harassing or fraudulent messages or conducting personal business using the practice’s e-mail system.

Any executable files downloaded from the Internet or by e-mail (eg. Software patches or any files with an .exe., .bat, or .com extension) must be scanned for viruses following download.

As information from the Internet can be outdated, incorrect or misleading, any information obtained from the Internet will be verified for accuracy with other information sources before being used.

Confidential information is not sent over the Internet unless encrypted.

Email Disclaimer

Our practice uses the following confidentiality and privilege notice on outgoing emails that are affiliated with the practice:

‘This message is confidential and should only be used by the intended addressee. If you were sent this email by mistake, please inform us by reply email and then destroy this message. The contents of this email are the opinions of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of CQ MEDICENTRE.

Our practice configures software so that the confidentiality and privilege notice is automatically added to each outgoing email.


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